Kohate v1.0.5 - CONTINUE?


I’ve spent the last night creating a system that I feel is a fun solution for the desire to save progress. I really want Kohate to be game that is played through in a single sitting but I also understand the frustration of losing progress.

Since full save system would be a massive undertaking for a small game, I have opted for a continue mechanic. If the player dies, they will be given the option to continue. They will not lose their progress but will have to recover any large object they were carrying from where they died. They will also receive a 5 minute penalty on their overall session time and will need to re-charge at the bio read station. All items in inventory, etc. will be kept.

If the player exits to the main menu, all progress will be lost. I feel this addresses potential frustration with lost progress during game play while leaving a more solo-run feel to the game. I hope you like it, I think it feels pretty fun!


-Continue system to allow player to keep all progress. -Fixed a hiding bug when holding the flashlight where the monster would not kill you.

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