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In a time where commercial police forces monitor the galaxy, money is the driving force behind arrests. More prisoners means more funding. As the greed of commercialized law enforcement grew, laws became more and more strict causing everyday people to be arrested for the smallest offenses.

High arrest rates led to more money but quickly caused prison overcrowding, giving birth to the Justice Auction System. Now prisoners are simply arrested and sold to the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter what we’re used for, just that there’s room for another prisoner to make another dollar.

You have been arrested and purchased by BioMass Labs for testing at their remote facility: Kohate.

No one knows what they do there, but no one has ever come back. You belong to them now, and you will have to perform whatever test they give you… good luck. Stay alive.

  • Stealth horror
  • Multiple endings
  • secrets to discover
  • casual mode (no monster)
  • designed to be played in one sitting
  • Replayability

Forced to take part in their strange experiment, you are the next subject to enter the Kohate complex.

Explore the complex to find the objects you need to unlock new areas and progress, complete the requirements of your test, and avoid the abomination that has been let loose within the halls at all costs!

Kohate revisits the world of the first solo project from Brian Clarke: The Subject. Bringing a new experience to the mysterious facility with a new location, new test, and expansion upon the lore of The Subject universe.


Updated 14 days ago
Release date 98 days ago
AuthorDarkStone Digital
Made withUnity, Maya
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, First-Person, Futuristic, Horror, Sci-fi, sci-fi, Short, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Twitter, Twitch, Patreon


Get this game and 3 more for $19.99 USD
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Version 15

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A month after Halloween's not bad haha and what a treat, might I add! I love the opening sequence, you're hit with the realization of your situation, but then there's some humor sprinkled in there. When that monster spots you and roars, it's the most terrible thing! Instant panic while trying to find the nearest vent haha The only thing that was sort of a problem, but def not after you figure it out, is knowing what your first move is. What am I expected to do? I kind of wondered around like ya normally do in a game, until I started to notice relationships between things. Can't wait for TMA!

Great work!

Thank you so much!


Thanks I bought the video game at itch.io. I hope you will continue to update it on this platform and under the DRM-Free mode. A hug and thanks for this great quality product. :)


Thanks! Every update I make goes to all platforms, so anything new for Kohate will be here!

Thank you, a thousand thanks to you for your dedication, humility and great talent! Successes always!


Bought this on steam, really good game!!


This is a good fun little piece of stealth horror, a smartly contained environment with enjoyable level design that twists back on itself in a satisfying way.

Some fun\disturbing body horror complements the overall aesthetic which the dev has carried off really well, and the game length is just about right, doesn't overstay it's welcome. Visuals\Audio are top notch overall.

I do wish some of the interaction boxes were a touch bigger, there were some slightly fiddly moments, but really that's just nitpicking. Overall really great stuff, looking forward to playing the other games by DarkStone.


I bought this game from watching DSD build it on Twitch.  The graphics, the gameplay, and the story available for freaking $5 is pretty damn impressive.  I am not a huge "jump scare" horror lover, and I was pleased with how he builds drama and tension with environment and skills - not just having the monster jump out and frighten you.

I am very excited for this studios future.


Really love this game! I can't remember the last time I've been sucked into an indie horror title like this. The level of polish is excellent, and I applaud you with being so responsive to the community. The addition of the continue option was wonderful. Here's part 1 of me playing!


Thank you! Hell mode is coming very soon!

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--------------[ Update]--------------
The new update (1.0.7 ) has solved the issues I was having with the game. Make sure you have this version before playing.

So, I was looking forward to playing this, the visuals are very striking but ultimately it was pretty disappointing. I spent most of my time dying in a featureless pitch black maze of irradiated vents. Each time you die, you drop all your stuff and are expected to go pick it up, but when you loose it in the maze there's a pretty good chance you won't be able to find it again. I eventually got past it but then the game stops about 5 minutes after that. So overall, this was not a good experience.


Very atmospheric! Looking forward for #4

Thank you!

When you were in the radiation tunnel, it looks like you aren't carrying the light object around. Did you find a flash light or something laying around or was this just an older version of the game where the tunnels aren't pitch black all the time?


Such a great game to play! Loved the setting and visuals! Thanks!


This is AAA Indie. Great atmosphere, visuals, and that monster is straight up savage! Its so intense! Love it!


Full Gameplay with Monster. :)

Thank you for playing!

What is the GoldMaster.zip?

Interesting. Where are you seeing that?


Looks like the original build somehow got included in the new file structure. Will remove that.

Fixed. Thank you!


This looks incredible! You keep spoiling us with high quality visuals. Expectations are high after playing Our Secret Below, can't wait to try this out


Very excited to play this, after The Subject and Our Secret Below this was another must play for me :) Not played it yet, but expecting good things!