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Great game!

I recently played the teaser/demo, and I have to say that this is one of the scariest games I've played in a bit. The variation jump scares it has is crazy. The disturbing sounds like footsteps behind you definitely make for a very tense, unnerving playthrough. I was sweating bullets by the end, was a very enjoyable playthrough though and I'll probably buy the full game! 10/10

Embalmed Santa for Christmas! 😭 

I really enjoy this game on every replay, each shift and jump scares are full of surprises. I've played other Xmas horrors and indies in general on my channel! 

This game was a joy from start to finish. Excellently built on from the demo, one of the best horror games I've ever played. Check out my video 🙂

This game is wonderful and quite a stunning piece of craftmanship, patience and artistry. I wonder did you use Unity HDRP or is this all the build in pipeline? 

This teaser demo was FANTASTIC! If you're looking for a spooky game this spooky season, highly recommend! Will definitely be buying the full game :D

I can't wait to play the full game! Was not expecting a lot of what happened, this was really good. Will be checking out the full game soon :) 

Are there plans on adding any new voice work to the game?

So unbelievably terrifying! A game mastered in the art of horror! This game will evacuate your bowels, make your eyelashes crinkle into dust, and cause your latent siamese twin to finally emerge from your back due to the fear your body will experience! Great Game!

Here's the 2nd part to my playthrough! Going for all the different endings!


Played the game a bit ago - didnt realize it was on itch as well! I had a great time, thank you for the great game!

this is part 5, working on getting all 5(+You just fail the game) endings, still catches me with uneasy feelings and full chills. High recommend the full game, it’s been fun to play and still unsure in my choices each time!

This game was easy.....and not scary at all....I didn't get scared ONCE 🥲

Played the full game and I…. LOVE IT! There’s never a dull moment! Absolutely AWESOME work!

How is the full game even scarier than the teaser? 😱 Absolutely loved every minute so far

Played the full game! Absolutely amazing!

Gonna go back for the true ending!


It begins....


Bought on Steam! Only played the first hour or so. Amazing experience so far :D please, go play for yourselves, everyone!


I suggest buying the full game on steam!! I absolutely loved it! This is probably the scariest game I ever played

Bought the full game on Steam. Highly recommend! Spooky from start to finish!

Great Game! Can't wait to play it again!
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Played the demo a year ago and I've been anticipating the full release ever since. DSDev (who is a single dev) has done an amazing job of making a unique, fun, and scary horror experience. 

This game is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend purchasing the full release on steam. It has quite a bit of replay value because of multiple endings and many random scares. The voice acting is also top-notch.

Genuinely a well-produced and SCARY game.  If you are able, I recommend purchasing the full version on Steam!  
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this game was amazing im 100% gonna play the full version


Don't play the demo, get your butt over to Steam and buy the whole game. It's an absolute blast, the gameplay is amazing and so fun and it's honestly scary as heck, there's so many great ideas in there, it feels like the work of a bigger studio. Amazing work. 

Hey guys so i made a video on this demo, but the comments are telling me I messed up big time. Sooooo expect a part 2

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Heres the fixed video

Absolutely CRAZY

In this video I play the Mortuary Assistant and get very scared while also trying to figure out what was going on.

Very Good Game

For people trying to figure out all the endings, i have made a NO SPOILER, how to video on how to get all the endings i hope this helps guys! if this helped you be sure to hit that like button guys and be sure to hit the sub button thank you 

Scary AF!

The only game that actually made my heart beat faster than I thought. The whole game is insanely fun and scary! Best indie game in 2022. For real!

really great game was always on edge and the jump scares were excellent 

10/10 game please play 

I can't feel my ass

The constant build up of tension, horror, and demons trying to possessed you very quick when time is ticking is like playing a movie. It is so crazy!!!

I love how the full game was just chill in the beginning, but giving you that little creeps for you to be prepared.


Truly the best horror game I have played in 2022 The balance between  Being  Fun and Soul Wrenching Dread You feel while playing this Game is nothing Like I have Experinced Before Please Check This Game Out If your on the fence About Playing it, you wont regret it!!!
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