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cant believe I finished this game!!!! I LOVE IT 

it was a nice demo for a game, long enough to get the player's interest and curiosity . Enjoyed it. Checkout the video and don't pay attention to my english in the video :))

I made it to the end lol!!!!! Oh my god I don’t know how I’m going to play the full game lol.

Awesome graphics! Liked it very much and eager to play the full version!

WOW WOW! Excellent Horror game PACTED with details, content and scares! A strong game that I cant wait to play fully! <3


Overrated game, also not scary at all.

теперь я зная какой это труд работая в морге
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I don’t play many horror games because I scare easily lol. I can’t wait until this game comes out. Part two is next week. Thank you for this demo!

I think this game has been maxed out in every way. I hope you will continue, just keep going. (Hun video)

Este es por mucho EL JUEGO DEL 2021. Solo es un demo, pero es más que suficiente para ensuciar los calzones. 10 de 10 ribeyes. Espero el juego completo salga pronto.

big spooks

too creepy

Scary and really gets under your skin. Omg this game made me jump so much. I'm looking forward to the full game, as I was really invested in this story. Plus it's so accurate on the embalming portion. Great soundscape here. Only gripe I would say is the quickslot system. But honestly that's it, even then it grew on me.  If you're looking for something actually Scary, please play this. I reviewed it above. Enjoy! 


this game was scary as hell!!

This was the scariest game I've ever played honeslty. Going to replay again and of course play the full game when it's out!

Downloaded the demo and as a training mortician I found I was amazed to see something that simulates pretty well what we do instead of being a game, with little being correct. The only negative though that I hope the developer of this simulation sees in my comment, is below;

I agree with the user LOSAT below, when trying to follow the story line and perform an embalming, you organise all of your equipment and then are distracted by a highly irritating change to the scene. At times you are taken away from the current task (embalming) to walk down a hall that never ends for example, to find a figure with half a face. It gets annoying after a while. 

Maybe there could be a setting to turn off or on a feature that allows the user to follow the storyline of an embalmer without falling of your chair with fright. I understand that this is a horror themed experience but the developer has done so well to document accurately the role of a mortician I think that it is a shame that this work should be ruined by silly jump scares. Trust me a mortuary is exactly like this MINUS the jump scares.

I would recommend this to all interested in accurate portrayal of the role of a mortician. Thank you for a wonderful simulator (just find a way to turn of the jump scares)

I can confidently say this is the scariest game I have ever played! And its only the demo!! this game genuinely made me cry! TWICE! Having said that, i cant wait for the full game! awesome job dev.


I've just played through the demo and I want to start of by saying that it's been a really cool experience. You put a lot of cool and in my opinion pretty well animated jumpscares in and the dialogs were of high quality aswell.

Beforehand I just want to say that this is not ment to shine bad light on your game, but to purely give you some honest feedback.

In these comments I see a lot of people that have enjoyed the demo a lot, aswell as praised the well animated/very scary jumpscares, which I agree with, but only in a demo. I don't know what your future ideas are for your game, but having all these jumpscare events is going to get very boring to players very quickly, not because they're bad, but because there's just no room to purposefully enjoy the story that you've made while being under the constant fear of being jumpscared.

The next thing I want to address is the inventory system. While being interesting having a quick-inventory at first, I quickly became annoyed by having to swap back and forth between the two. What I would suggest is simply being able to interact with certain things while you're holding the item in your hand without additionally having to open a quick-inventory to perform the action instead. A quick-inventory could be cool if used for general game mechanics, looking at quick-inventorys of DOOM and Horizon Zero Dawn, where you have to swap between weapons during battle to fuel a variety of different player-styles, however in this case it doesn't add any real functionality, or atleast not in a practical way.

Anyways, I generally think your game has potential, just don't overuse the jumpscares and maybe try to rethink the current inventory system.

Have a good day!

I agree regarding the jump scares, I am a training mortician and have been looking for something that allows me to practice with so to speak, this is very accurate. My problem is you get equipment set up to embalm, and the room changes and there is a jump scare, which distracts you from the task in hand. It gets annoying after a while.

Hands down one of the best horror experiences i've had in awhile...Bravo to the dev


This game was horrifying lol


i really enjoyed this demo and i was impressed when i found out ONE guy made this. Defo gonna buy the full game

Having played the first Demo a few months ago and then playing this new update it's clear to see that this is gonna evolve to be a pretty interesting game.

There is a bit of a rain glitch but please god leave that in 😂

hey amazing game cant wait for full release


Hi! After having played the previous demo version, I've now also played the current version and although I was a bit skeptical at the changes made at first, I still really enjoyed it & I'll be looking forward to the full game.  I especially love the VO & the more subtle spooks, plus the in depth look into cadaver prep. I'm already thinking about what the plot could be for Rebecca as well.

Also, big kudos being a single dev! It's a ton of work, ppl have no idea.


Really Fucking Good Job With This One Looking Forward To The Full Release!

This game is AMAZING!!!

Thank you! :D

best game on itch

That’s extremely kind, thank you!


Great game! Ngl, but since I'm running it on a potato bucket it lagged alot and that ruined some scares for me :(

Wow, this is a wonderful game, We can't wait for it to be released! 

This game was amazing, I loved every moment of it, and can not wait for the full game to come out.

my play through

Thank you for the thrill of the fear. I had to step away a couple of times for a breather. I love that every play through had different jump-scares (mind-boggling). It was unnerving. I loved that there were secrets, cryptic messages, etc. This game was a perfect simulation to a Mortuary. No demons here. ;)

Definitivamente, no quiero trabajar nunca en una morgue. Increíble!!

I definitely don’t want to work in a morgue. Amazing!!

pretty good for a demo and bunch of jumpscares!

This game was amazing and absolutely horrifying in the best way!!!


Salut tout le monde, Merci pour cette démo qui laisse imaginer un jeu de ouf !!!

J'ai fait une petite vidéo sur ce jeu, si tu veux voir : 

I can't express how cool this demo was :) Great job! Looking forward to spring 2022!!

Man......this game.........Can't wait for the full release! Check it out!

gotta be one of the coolest horror games of 2021. love it!

This game here was on a whole different level. I felt like there was more I should have discovered but I was honestly to chicken to do so 

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