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Developer note: Mortuary Assistant has gotten some great attention and love from you all the past few months so after Our Secret Below launches this Friday (July 10th) I will begin a full version of The Mortuary Assistant. I'm very excited to share the development with you! Have fun!

About The Mortuary Assistant

The mortician has had a family emergency and needs to leave the office in the middle of the embalming process. He has called you to ask if you could come in and finish the work for him. He's confident you will be able to handle the job.

Still new to the mortuary and the embalming process, you reluctantly agree. He's been kind enough to leave a check list for you. Simply follow the steps to complete the embalming.

The Mortuary Assistant is a very short prototype by DarkStone Digital. Originally meant for patrons only, it has now been released for all along with a selection of other prototypes. If you enjoyed the concept, please consider supporting the patreon or leaving a little donation for the title here on itch!

If you Enjoyed The Mortuary Assistant, my current full game Our Secret Below has a demo and will be launching July10th for $14.99!


Updated 27 days ago
AuthorDarkStone Digital
TagsCreepy, Horror


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WOW! This is one very intense short experience. The scares are probably some of the best i've ever had from a short form horror game. Very much looking forward to the full thing!

Hi, this is my gameplay in Spanish

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I hate you but i love you. Scared the shit out of me enough to throw my headset off.
also i broke the game at first lol

I played your demo, it was awesome!! gave me some good scares haha 

wanted to share the recording and say thanks! looking forward to any updates!!

Thank you so much for playing! I launched Our Secret Below yesterday so I am onto full Mortuary Assistant development now! Excited to be on it. Thank you again!

A great short horror game. I was totally expecting what happened, but it was still scary as f*ck. Great job. Would love to see more of it.

Pour les Francophones !

As someone who studied mortuary science in college in 2010 (apprenticing at a local funeral home) I was disappointed. For one reason only! I wanted to make the incision lol This was quite faithful to the process. Thanks and enjoy its inclusion in my B&W horror anthology.

Lol thank you! Full version will have more of the process. I’ve been thinking up a system for it.

I was sweating bullets in that hallway lmfao

Great job guys. I want to play the final game.

Thanks! Ill be working on it as soon as I finish Our Secret Below which is launching next month.

I will be cheking out the game when it releases, look interesting aswell. Keep working you got this

This game is amazing and the end is terrifying 

Here my gameplay in portuguese 

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Everyone has always had that thought about what if the body is not actually dead? I had recorded this video twice. Because in my first recording the audio was inaudible for both my game and my voice so please forgive that my reaction isn't as genuine as I would have liked it to have been.


im gonna  sue i cant play and i payed

how do you play this its not letting me play 

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What exactly is happening? Is it giving you any warnings or just not starting? Usually, updating video drivers fixes a lot of these kinds of issues.

I know another person re-downloaded the game and it worked for them. Not exactly sure why but may be worth a shot too.

I just found this game and let me say, this game is so so awesome, scared me so badly that I nearly flipped my table over. I mean I think its creepy even if nothing happened but damn was I not disappointed with the climax of this short game. honestly though I think its probably better than "Our secret below"

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I’m excited to make this one. I shared this during the Our Secret Below Kickstarter so it was awesome to see it gain traction but it also sucked that I’m tied up on production of OSB right now.

But OSB is done soon and I have a design document for Mortuary Assistant ready. I’ll also be streaming all of Mortuary Assistant development so I’m really excited to do all of it. Keep an eye out in a month or so.

I'm super excited to see progress on this front!

how do you start the game ?

when i naticed this game i immediatly thought of the autopsy of jane doe. Fairly good movie but there is, of course, naked bodies because it is getting an autopsy.

It's a fairly simple task. Finish the job and head home. But don't be fooled, terror lies ahead in this short indie horror game. The subjects are supposed to be DEAD, but tonight is not like any other night...

Very cool game, really excited for what it has to offer. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. 

I know I am late about knowing this game. Friend said play this now and I am ok... omg it was so scary

Thank you for playing!

Soooo Creeepyy gamee!!

Thank you!


This is a very short but extremly creepy game. I felt on edge from start to finish. Thank you for crossing off another job i'll never take.

Thank you for playing! I’ll be starting work on the full version after Our Secret Below is done.

Really creepy game with some serious paranoia vibes. Check out my playthrough on Youtube!

El juego es una verdadera pena que no esté completo. Sinceramente me ha encantado aunque casi consiga matarme con los sustos.

¡Un abrazo grande!

I would love to see a longer version of this game. it was amazing and  i even enjoyed the game play before the horror kicked in.

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I need the full version of this game! This teaser was so well  done  and very imaginative.  You understand the genre and know how to deliver atmosphere.    Great job. I'm  genuinely excited theres still creators that understand how to properly craft actual horror.


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid:


1. The graphics are amazing. So many things to interact with or to look at - I liked it a lot!

2. The concept is unique. I haven't seen something like that before and I adore it!

3. It was really scary. I think you have done a marvelous job on pacing and sounds.


1. Personally for me - the language. I am not a native speaker, so sometimes I couldn't figure out what the game wanted from me. For example, when the cut on the neck was needed, it would be appreciated if there was the word "neck" at least accompanying "jugular vein". That is a minor flaw, I figured everything out in the end. But, I think, when you use terminology or complicated words, you need to add  some simpler hints, so it would be easier for people like me to figure out the task.

2. Too short) Can't wait for more!


The game was short but nevertheless so powerful! I admire your project - very well done! 5/5

Hope my feedback was useful!

Thank you so much! Localization is a tough one for an indie developer (its just me making these games from art to code) though I’m striving to make my games easier to localize. My next major title: Our Secret Below will have German and French subtitles and I’d love to work closer to full localization abilities for my games.


Este juego me ha parecido increíble , ojalá más juegos así :D

Had a blast playing this!!! I Look Forward to The Full version !!!  definetly gonna check out Our Secret below When it is finished. Please Keep up the Great Work!!!

Awesome! There is a demo for OSB currently here on itch if you’re interested!

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Really fun demo! Great quality and I'm very interested in your other projects.

Thanks! Our Secret Below has a handful of months left in development and then its on to a full version of Mortuary Assistant!

This demo was perfect! I know my video was uploaded a while ago but i forgot to share it here! 

This game filled me with dread. I almost had a heart attack, lol! Great game! 

Thank you!

I should be thanking you for making this great game!

Quite enjoyed the unsettling vibes the game gave off. I am looking forward to OSB and a full release of The Mortuary. Looking foward to see more of your work Brian!

I actually loved this game! It was the kind of creepy I enjoy, and it was super simple in the spooks. It's always fun when you get to just enjoy at atmospheric type game like this.

I've played it after Our Secret Below and got to say I AM BLOWN AWAY! That was such a great experience! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) 

Thank you so much!

What a cool game!  Really freaked me out.  

Excited to make it after Our Secret Below!

I just played the Our Secret Below demo!  Holy cow.  I'll post that one as well on Saturday.  Great game!

Such a cool and creepy concept! It really reminded me a lot of the Netflix movie Jane Doe which was really cool to kind of live in.  I do have to say that the game ran pretty heavy. So I am hoping the next game runs a little lighter, but I am very VERY excited to play it! Keep up the incredible work!

I keep hearing the Jane Doe reference. I actually don’t have Netflix right now but will have to check it out before I start the full version of Mortuary Assistant. Thank you for playing!

Oh yeah if you can find it, its well worth a watch. Although the end is a bit of a let down.

Awesome! Yeah ill give it a watch for sure.

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I really liked OSB demo and came here to play more of your games.  Not disappointed ;)  Gonna have to buy all your stuff I'm in love with your mind I think haha.  Cheers!

I have some fun stuff for OSB I’m working on now that should be pretty trippy. Full MA is next after. Thank you so much for playing!

By Kathawa

THIS Was Creepy But Interesting Play.ThE MoRtUrY Assistant

this was so creepy i love it. hope they come out with the full game soon

Our Secret Below has a few months left of development then I’ll be starting Mortuary Assistant

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