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The mortician has had a family emergency and needs to leave the office in the middle of the embalming process. He has called you to ask if you could come in and finish the work for him. He's confident you will be able to handle the job.

Still new to the mortuary and the embalming process, you reluctantly agree. He's been kind enough to leave a check list for you. Simply follow the steps to complete the embalming.

About The Prototype

The Mortuary Assistant is a very short prototype by DarkStone Digital. Originally meant for patrons only, it has now been released for all along with a selection of other prototypes. If you enjoyed the concept, please consider supporting the patreon or leaving a little donation for the title here on itch!

Updated 4 days ago
Published 7 days ago
AuthorDarkStone Digital
TagsCreepy, Horror


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Very very very good game !!! Just frustrating when you see is just a prototype. I think it’s gonna be a very good game if you continue in this path. Thanks a lot for this good moment :)

I think she's talking about the Bible.

Can you tell me what she's saying?

I'm trying to put in subtitles, but it's hard.

Fantastic game! The build up was really good and the whole game had me tense.


Thank you very much! Excited to make a full version!

Had to re-upload lol


Master thumbnail craftsman. Thanks for playing!

Love how detailed the old lady is! I accidentally broke the ending trigger somehow, and died by touching her, but looking forward to more, including Our Secret Below!

You are the second person who died from her butt touch. Dunno how that happens…


Very Spooky.

The game was a nice puzzler prototype and I like the premise of the entire game itself. That said, increase the Va's volume a tiny bit so players can hear what the corpse is saying. Otherwise, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you for playing! Agree don the voice volume. When I re-visit for a full version that sort of stuff will be addressed for sure. Thank you again!

Super scary game!! 

Thanks for playing!

Great Work!

Thank you so much!


Amazing game.


Definitely a disturbing little horror game!


Definitely enjoyed this game!!! Great build up and jump scare. Will never do this in real life tho lol!!! Great game!!!


I had a lot of fun playing this one :) 


Awesome thank you so much!


I think I peed a lil...

LOVED everything about this game! The music, atmosphere, story line, voices, visuals- I can go on and on. Made a gameplay if you're interested in watching. Can't wait to play more of your games!


Thank you so much! My current project Our Secret Below is a thriller but will have some of these kinds of vibes to drive some story.

Looks well put together and interesting, can't wait to see how it turns out!

I was completely taken back with how creepy this truly was. This was really good for a prototype. As much as I hate the thought of actually working in a morgue, I'd still play a full release of this.


Awesome thank you! I’m excited to look at a concept for a full version after I finish Our Secret Below!

I could easily play a whole game of this. So disturbing! Great Job!

I’m really into the idea of an expanded version of this. I plan to start work shopping ideas once I finish Our Secret Below.

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I really enjoyed playing it! It had a great introduction to it, the textures were great and I really liked the overall vibe the game had. I couldn't really fully embrace the jumpscare though because I was too busy laughing at the part before the jumpscare. But none the less I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to playing the full game!

Thank you for playing! Everyone loves the thriller break dance.

Sharp, sudden, sharp as a kick in the balls... I was very impressed with this little horror, I would love to see the release version! Thanks to the developer!

I’m excited to start designing a full version. Just need to finish my current project Our Secret Below

Oh! Read the description, quite an interesting concept with extensive features! Is there a demo version for review?

Not yet though the Kickstarter has 50 days yet and I would like to have a demo available at about the 30 days left mark.

I LOVED THIS PROTOTYPE! I was so sad that it ended! Seriously cant wait for the whole game! please come out with the full game!

I will! I’m currently working on Our Secret Below which is more of a thriller but will have similar creepy vibes at certain story points. Then I will jump into work shopping an expanded design for The Mortuary Assistant. Thank you for playing!


lovely game tho GG


Naked Grandma is the true horror. Thank you for playing!

Mwah <3

I really liked this prototype.  Looking forward to more of that. 

Thank you for playing! I’m excited to look into a full version of this after our secret below.

Setup was great but I feel the chanting after you attempt to make an incision ruined it, it was tense before that point. I would take a more "Autopsy of Jane Doe" approach to this one for a full horror effect. The body flopping was just funny, which is the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

For sure. Since it’s a prototype, I wanted it to grasp each overall idea and feel for the game. A full game would definitely have you doing more.

Fun little game! Looking forward to further updates/full release!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

I enjoyed this game a lot. New and intriguing experience. Can't wait for the full release.

Thank you! I’ll be digging into a full version of this after Our Secret Below is complete!

this gave me the chills but in a really good way :)

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Gotta say, this game was really good! Can't wait to see future updates!

Thank you! I’ll be looking at an expanded plan for mortuary assistant after my current project Our Secret Below

Loved every second of it! Just the fact that it's in a Morgue is enough to put my brown pants on :D

Thank you tons for playing! I’m glad you had a good time. It’s been great to see folks enjoying my stuff!

I tried this horror game and it was actually scary. I don't know if you guys are making more chapters, but I am hoping you guys continue to develop more games! This was great!


Hey! I’m a solo dev so it’s just me doing everything you see there. I’m just mentioning that to set some time expectations because I WILL be doing more for Mortuary Assistant but not until after my current project Our Secret Below so my plate is pretty full. Our Secret Below will have some similar vibes in parts but it’s not full horror like this one.

I do love Mortuary Assistant though so it will get an expanded full version once I figure out a pleasing story/design doc for it. Thank you so much for playing!

You should keep it up! It would be awesome if you subscribe because I'll play more of your horror games!

Dammmmm .. enjoyed this

and a part of this reminded me of the shining

Really good and funny! I hope for a fullgame

Thanks for playing! Full game after I’m done with Our Secret Below!

Fun little game! Cannot wait to see more! 

Thank you so much for playing! After Our Secret Below, I will be looking at ideas for an expanded version of this game.

This is one of the creepiest games I've ever played. Truly terrifying. I gave some thoughts at the end of the video. Here's my playthrough:


Thank you for playing! For a full version I would have a lot more of that buildup. I’m working on Our Secret Below right now but when it’s done I’m going to start picking apart ideas for a full version!

This game was actually really cool! I clicked on one of your links and noticed you have history working on AAA games. Good on ya! Not sure if this was only intended to be a Prototype or if you're planning to build on it but either way I'd love to see more! The only thing that really felt off to me was how she talked when she first wakes up. Not really sure how to explain it but it just came off as a tad bit goofy to me for some reason. Though I will say the part right after with the ears is something I always find creepy. :P Anyway yeah, great work!

Played your game in a quick compilation video of mine, really enjoyed it and had some laughs while doing it!

hi, big thx for the very good demo. scary :) greetings from rosti

Awesome! Thank you so much for playing!

Game was nice but short..I hope you can create the same game with bigger environment and some running concepts

Just a prototype so it’s meant to see if the concept overall is good. I liked making it so after this current project (Our Secret Below) I will begin looking at an idea for an expanded, full, game of this.

Nicely done

Thank you bunches!

Aside from some detection issues I loved this game. The slow buildup into a sudden and fast reveal and overall unsettling nature of the work involved. 

Thank you! All the bugs in it would be smoothed out in a full version for sure.

I really enjoyed this. While only a prototype the core elements are feeling on point. Could become something very interesting if coupled with a compelling story.

Thank you! After my current project (Our Secret Below) I’ll be hitting up a concept for a full version of this game.

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