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hi, big thx for the great amazing demo. wow. greetings from rosti

Thank you for playing!

This was great. It sets an interesting story, with some weirdness going on, but theres a ton of secrets that I wasn't able to find an answer for. Looking forward to more being revealed.

What the heck is DarkStart Love!?

Awesome! Thank you so much! You didn’t try the computer?

I did, it didn't work as a password

hmmm may want to try again. I’d be very surprised.

Looking good so far! Impressive work for just one person!


Thanks a ton! Glad to see you enjoying my stuff! :D

Everything about this demo was extremely impressive. I can tell you have experience making triple A games. You have incredibly high potential as an indie developer and I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work, and i'll defiantly be around for the next game!

I really appreciate that. Thank you for playing! If you haven’t tried it, I also have The Mortuary Assistant prototype here on itch which you might like.

This developer was born to create and deliver these amazing games. I really hope he continues to do what he loves, because it definitely

shows in his work. 10/10

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Thank you so much! Loved the video. Your reading was on point.

This was so awesome!!

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you had a good time!

You're the best!

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This game is so well made.  You can tell the developer is a professional and puts time into making it nice rather than just trying to quickly push out a game.  The idea of an escape room style horror game is extremely intriguing and it's a lot of fun.  I'm looking forward to seeing the full version with multiple endings.  Keep up the great work!

I attached my game play video.  It contains spoilers including the password to the computer.  So don't watch if you plan on playing it yourself!

Haha I have only seen one person get the full intended method for the box. But brute force works too and it’s awesome you get into the computer! Nice work. Thank you so much for playing!

This is perfect... everything about this game is great. The pacing, the story, the graphics, the mystery, everything screams "triple A title." I absolutely loved this and can't wait for the full release!


Thank you so much! It means a lot to read comments like this. I’m aiming to be done with it in about 3 months. That’s the goal but obviously I want it to be the best it can be too!

I'll absolutely be keeping my eyes peeled!

This demo raises so many questions, I can't wait to see all the different endings.  And nice job hiding the code for the computer. :) 


Thanks again for playing!

Our Secret Below looks like it could be something special, not only for fans of escape room-style games, but also for gamers who love horror and a good story. While the demo only gives you a taste of what the developer has in mind, the well-paced trip offers great visuals and voice work, as well as sensible puzzles. After finishing the demo, I’ll bet you’ll be longing for what happens next. 

Thank you so much! I’m excited to finish this one out.

great demo love the way it look

Thank you so much!

This was an amazing demo! The way everything was set up is great! Very good job on this demo. Hopefully the full release will come out soon. 

Thank you so much! My aim is to finish the game in the next 3 months or so.

It was entirely a pleasure to play this. Plus on Twitter I asked anyone who sees my video to check out your kick starter and this page too. I really hope you manage to hit your full potential on this game. The prime time crew is a caring gaming community for everyone.   

Thanks a ton! I appreciate it so much and I’m glad you had a good time!

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Hey I like build sharing their knowledge! Thank you so much for playing! The full version will be out in a handful of months hopefully!

The work that DarkStone Digital has put into this game really shows in the gameplay, every character model is highly detailed and every object in the room goes the same way in terms of detailing.
Its an experience I would recommend to everyone watching and to stay tuned for the full game.

I had a ton of fun recording, playing and editing this video. I hope you guys liked it too!

Awesome to hear! Thank you tons!

A natural step forward. I feel like this game is the next natural step from the Mortuary Assistant and rightfully so. I look forward to seeing this game develop.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you so much! That’s awesome to hear. I feel like this game has similar vibes for sure which was the aim. I’m excited to get the rest out there!

OMG, I loved it! I can not wait for the full release. The graphics, gameplay, and storyline are amazing. I wish I was a bit smarter at escape room type games. You can tell a lot of work has went into this game. I hope this game gets fully released because I need to know what happens next. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

Thank you so much! I’m hoping the game will be ready in a few months! It’s been a lot of fun working on the story aspect for this.

very interesting but also i totally don't blame the guy, i mean yeah he kidnapped me and all but like... he wants love and i vibe with it

Bold position. I respect it.


Looking forward to the full release of this!!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Thank you so much for playing!


Was very interesting. Thanks again for letting me know about the demo. Looking forward to the full game. 

Absolutely and thank you for playing! Hoping to have the game finished out in a few months. Now that the demo is done, I’m full tilt into the major stuff. going to be fun!

Hell yeah!!! :)

I absolutely loved this. So far everything I have played from you DarkStone is really good. I can't wait for the full release!!

Not going to lie… that actually made me kinda choke up to read that. I really appreciate it and I’m so happy you played. Thank you!

amazing, just amazing. I can't wait for the full thing. My only complaints were some quality of life changes for controls and view range but otherwise you've hooked me with the story and the acting.

Thank you so much! I have ideas for the quality of life change department, but would you mind listing what you had issue with so I can make sure it overlaps with my list? I can’t fix everything but I want to make sure I have my finger on the pulse correctly.

of course of course!

1. only noticed it while chained up but from standing still to moving will also move the camera ((target reticle)) in a way that can be irritating. Smoothing that out so it acts more predictably would be nice and allow the player to scan the environment more easily so they don't feel frustrated for missing important items

2. about the reticle again. the range seems limited, being unable to look all the way down means i have to find a sweet spot to actually pick up some items. Never even got the flashlight for that reason since it was blocked by the drawer as well.

3.the lock box puzzle got me for a bit because i didn't realize that it wasn't a dial combination but a button one. This is likely just me being an idiot but i thought the markings on the buttons were just so small i couldn't understand what it read. Perhaps add a zoom feature when examining something for closer inspection.

4. An option for subtitles would be lovely. the audio mixing was fine but in a "let's play" world talking over cut scenes is going to happen and that would let people who can't run the game enjoy it. 

5. There seemed to be a lot of lore planned for this which I love! For horribly impatient people like myself however skimming through all of the text in documents and the like can lead to things being missed. Just keeping in mind to make the important information POP is the last point. Which you did in the folder so not a complaint just a thing to be aware of really!

hope some of this helped :D

Some great stuff here thank you again and really enjoyed the video!

Enjoyed this! Yet another awesome demo by DarkStone and as usual I can't wait for the full release! 


Thanks so much for playing! Hopefully a few months out from release!

Looking really good so far. Wasn't expecting that ending.

The full version is gonna be fun :D lots of strange stuff

Not bad. Creepy and disturbing. Very nice models too!

At first I thought it was just escaping the psycho but there's something else going on here I think...


Mmmmmmm yes :D there’s much more. I’m excited for the full version.

honestly i had a rough time looking for the items but i gotta say, this game is AWESOME. i hope the full game gets released and i wish you the best!

Thank you! It’s good to see how people play it so I know how to better lay out the full version. Hopefully will release in a few months!

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I have a terrible bug :C

I can't get out of crawl mode. I've tried reinstalling it. I'm sad.

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That’s super strange. You press ctrl and you can’t stand up? Is this at the start of the game?

You read the letter, and found the bolt cutters I’m assuming.

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Well either I was mistakin when I was spamming all of the buttons and didn't try ctrl, or the third download was a success because I can now stand with ctrl. But yes I had found the note and cut the chains. 

Also I finished it and it was not at all what is normally expected from this genre of game! Very intriguing. Here's hoping for more to come!

Cheers for the reply.


Super happy to hear that and thank you so much! I’m excited to finish this one out. Have a lot of cool stuff planed imo. Thank you again!

Just want to take a moment to say how freaking fantastic this game looks and plays! Love the atmosphere!


Very fun and in depth i enjoyed myself recording this one can't wait to see the full release


Thanks a ton for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Interesting progress, I seemed to have done things and gone places that weren't available in the demo, so, the demo is much shorter than I had thought - not a complaint but was funny to me, seeing that I missed a simple tool and roamed for a while to find what it is I needed, which reminded me of constant clicking in a point and click game

and the captor looks like the lovechild of The Rock and Dave Chapelle. You can't tell me I'm wrong


The perfect man. Yeah the demo is short, the entire game takes place in that basement and I didn’t want to gate off a bunch of the room and turn it into a hallway which translated to some searching. Full game has much MUCH more stuff in the basement. There IS some side content in the demo too which is additional reason for the whole basement. Thank you for playing!

Also! Everything you can do/ can go is part of the demo. There is simply some side stuff that isn’t required to beat it. Much like in the full version of the game :D

Great Graphics Great content

Thank you for playing!

New build is up with a performance boost.

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really impressive but I couldn't go above 20 fps. it's creepy and fun to play

Yeah I’m looking into performance issues. Hopefully I can fix something soon

I just put up an update that should have a rather large performance boost.


Created an itch account just to say that the game looks good, i really like the concept and the  atmopshere is really good. I can't wait for the full release and i'm looking forward to play The Subject as well. Thank you Brian for these amazing games !

Thank you so much for playing!

New update fixing a number of bugs!


Hey , very nice demo , atmopshere is really good ,  Thanks for this game !

Thank you so much for playing!


This is a MUST DOWNLOAD my dudes... 10/10. I cannot wait until the full release! 

Thanks for playing dude!


I really like the concept, which is why this demo made me really hyped about the full version. The attention to detail on all the models is incredible and i really love how you manage to set the mood in this!! I hope this gets the attention it deserves :3

I just pushed a new update for the demo that should fix a number of bugs!

Our Secret Below demo will be released Monday March 16th!

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