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An escape room thriller-horror from solo game developer Brian Clarke (creator of The Mortuary Assistant and The Subject). Our Secret Below is a story about a woman who has been abducted and must break out of her cell, learn about her captor’s past, and use that knowledge to escape.

Nia Davis, has been taken to the basement of an unfamiliar house. Waking up in a haze, Nia does not remember anything before this moment. In her weakened state, she overhears her captor and learns she does not have much time left to live. He is obsessed, and no one else can have her. She isn’t the first woman he’s brought down here and there has to be some way out.

Our Secret Below is a story-driven escape room that goes deeper than things appear. Search through the belongings of your captor, learn all you can, and find out why this man is so obsessed. Find keys, codes, and other items to unlock personal belongings and make your escape without being caught. But strange things start to happen the more you find. Your captivity may be more than it seems.


Release date Jul 10, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorDarkStone Digital
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Maya
TagsDark, demo, Escape Game, Horror, Story Rich, Thriller
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesGerman, English, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles
LinksSteam, Twitter, Twitch, Patreon


Get this game and 2 more for $13.92 USD
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i downloaded the demo but when i tried opening it its not responding


I’ve been trying to play through all of the games by Darkstone Digital, before the release of Mortuary Assistant. I am so glad I did because this game was incredible, of all of the Escape Room games I’ve played most fall into the problem of being heavily child puzzles, or overly handrails. Our Secret Below is the perfect mix of challenge yet unfolding puzzle, where items are in reach but just missed.

Literally the room may be small, but puzzle parts are found throughout the room, there are no guiding points you literally need to consider everything you read and see. Still the puzzles are laid out in a way that makes them noticeable, items you pick up and need are easily identifiable to their purpose. It’s perfectly designed to not confuse the player.

Playing the game I saw little inklings that really show signs in the Mortuary Assistant demo, especially the animation which still gives off an unnerving monstrous movement. I really can’t wait to play through it after this game.

The story was great, and perfectly fitting for the escape room game play, it allowed for so many mechanics to make sense in the game, and really allowed for stand out visual moments.

The use of the multi endings to deepen the story was perfect, as it fit perfectly in with the story of the game (Not Spoiling), and opened up a new view on the Escape room. The repeat runs were faster and left me shocked, releasing small things I missed, and puzzles I had found parts of early in the game were now necessary.

It is a shame this was not one of the games I grabbed on Steam, but still I just want to say how incredible I found this game and it really deserved more attention. Puzzle room games are so hard to design, without the difficulty it just becomes unmemorable, yet too hard and people complain because there is no hand holding. Our Secret Below might simply be one of the most perfectly crafted Escape Room games I’ve played, with just a perfect story as icing.

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Seriously amazing. The puzzles keep you busy! Was able to get all three endings. Has that creep factor with a twist at the end I was not expecting at all. All in all really enjoyed the game! Thank you!

I liked it. Was sometimes creepy. The game has some cool puzzles,  atmosphere and sound effects. Plot twist is also there.



It only took from July 2020 till NOW! hahaha

Another amazing one! I've played The Mortuary Assistant few weeks ago and it was phenomenal. When I saw this game was also developed by you I had to check it out and I'm glad that I did! The graphics looks amazing and story line so far also looks pretty interesting. I'll most likely play the entire game later on. Thank you for making such an amazing game!

I loved this game it did a great job! I plan on buying the full version the ending of this demo was so unexpected I recommend this game to a lot of people!!

It's you again!? lmao! You've really grown since The Subject, I've enjoyed everything you've done since then. This was really good. Love the weird psychological, supernatural aspects. Wishlisted.

I'm not gonna lie, some of the puzzles had me at times. Had to do a bit of 'back and forth' until something clicked for me, or it just ended up in my lap hahaha either way, great experience! I love the mixture of real life crisis and spiritual phenomenon in the game. I felt like I had to be on the edge of my seat for my captor and whatever entity was with me in the basement. Everything audio wise was on point, except the volume of the voices. The dialogue could've been a little louder. But overall, the gameplay was very fluid and connected, with a story that grabbed my attention more and more as I discovered new information. I still need to play another round with the knowledge I already know, so that should be exciting! 

Amazing work Brian!

p.s. you who is not Brian, BUY THE GAME!

Hi there! Wow! I do love these kind of games where aesthetics and action match perfectly. As a video game localizer, I would relish to localize this one for my collection of works in audiovisual translation. Well, this one and others too. Mysterious style is my weak point. Have you ever consider to make it global DarkStone Digital? 

Greatings from Spain!

I had to play it.
Curiosity got the better of me, and I am SO glad I caved to curiosity on this one. It's impressive! the characters at the beginning were well animated and the voice acting is so well done!

The puzzles and searching for items was challenging and gives a real sense of excitement when you finally figure things out, like a real escape room.
not to mention the underlying story!
I'm looking forward to seeing how far my mind will bend trying to get through the puzzles of the full game!

Thank you so much! Full version is out this Friday! (July 10th)

Loved the demo. The idea is really interesting and I can't wait to find out what the f*ck is happening. This is not just a case of a crazy person abducting another. The whole supernatural aspect makes the game so much more interesting. 

Thank you! Comes out Friday!

Definitely am excited for the full game! Love the style and great story-telling! I made a video feel free to check it out! I might be checking out more of your games! 

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This demo was worth the play! For sure going on my Steam wishlist, I loved every second of it! Atmosphere was fantastic, worth the play and worth the watch.

Great story and nice atmosphere my mouse sensitivity was a bit too high but all in all i enjoyed the demo, ps how do you get into the computer????

Thanks :)

After playing this demo, I must say I'm super excited for the full game!! I'm so ready to make full series on this.

You guys did your thing with this demo! Can't wait for the official release. Keep up with the great work!


Ok went through this DEMO but had a hard time for the PC and i kinda "cheated" the 2nd fire box code xD still... ON TO THE NEXT!

I absolutely love this teaser, and had a bast playing it.  Like I said in the video I made, it's the perfect combo of creepy but interesting enough to keep me going!


Looking forward to more! 

Thank you! Full game will be out in a month or so!

This game is a very unique and creepy addition to a puzzle genre, i like the intro into the game it really gives off a nice atmospheric start and makes you feel like you need to escape as quickly as possible, the basement is asthetically pleasing and has many objects and curiosities to look at.

 The only down sides i encountered were a lack of direction or any sort of hinting to help you along and get your bearings in the basement, maybe in the future there could be a little more narrative or voice acting to guide the player to the key components needed to escape , especially if a person was new to this style of gameplay.

 The horror element is good and the switch between the realities is a nice touch it will be interesting to see further developments in that direction and how scary things could get and also maybe a development into the characters personality reacting to the unfolding horrors.

 Overall as a demo it is a great concept , it will be great to see what else develops.

thanks for playing! Someone else had mentioned maybe a hint system though I feel that might be a bit heavy handed. I have some thoughts on how to help guide the player a bit. Thank you for the feedback!

Just finished your demo game, loved the concept and with a bit of improvement would make it an incredible game. I pointed out all the things that could improve in the below video, but the key thing is the slow movement and camera locking when looking down. 

Hello there. I have finished your demo, and I loved it. I must admit I had some trouble, but I refused to give up.

I have seen a couple of your Youtube videos as well. They were very informative for a developer as myself.

Here’s my feedback and please take note that this is just my personal opinion.


  • Cool Logo intro. Well made.
  • Puzzles. Hopefully more to come.
  • Nice assets and well-polished.
  • Great story and atmosphere.
  • Your human models look awesome. How did you make these?


  • Very slow movement speed inside the dirt area and it seemed pointless in the demo.
  • Inventory hotkey on ESC.
  • Mouse sensitivity was a bit too high.
  • Camera locks when looking too far down. Then you will have to step back.
  • Lack of ambience audio and random SFX. I think the game was very quiet.
  • Missing subtitles. I did have some trouble hearing the dialogue sometimes.
  • Missing a hint option for solving the puzzles.

I hope you will take some of my feedback into consideration. Perhaps you have already. You do have a great foundation for a good game.

I can’t wait to play the finished game. Keep it up.


thanks so much for taking the time to write this all out. Most of your concerns have been addressed already in my current build which is cool. This kind of feedback is very helpful!

I tested the Demo and I couldn't get over the beginning, I didn't have much to do, I just found a letter under a cloth and nothing else, but otherwise, it's very good.

The letter gives you a hint of what to do

Es un excelente juego ojalá fuera mas largo.

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the 3d game there):


1. The concept is amazing! I like the sense of dread and powerlessness that the game has offered.

2. The mystery is sooo well made. You just want to know more, especially after the ending and the stuff on the computer! Very catchy - serves the purpose of the demo!

3. The visuals are top hole! The place is so detailed. I like that is easy to miss stuff so you must pay attention to every thing around you! Also, I amires the chain mechanic a lot)

Disadvantages (points for further development):

1. When everything went black and the yellow line appeared on the floor - it was unclear what to do. The line seemed to me as an arrow, so I figured I need to go in the direction the arrow is pointing. I think it would be better is the line was flat at the end, so people could nor read it wrong.

2. Maybe I was stupid but there was no hint to where to dig and I also had to brute force the box open. Maybe I missed something, but it would be nice if the game had hints for stupid people like me (for instance, the hints may appear after you once have failed to find what you were supposed to and died)

3. The walls are painted with the same pattern. The pattern is made like painted with crayons or something so it's strange that someone painted the EXACT same thing over and over. Moreover, it doesn't look like a scribbles from a crazy person. I think the pattern should repeat less frequent or should be less readable depending on it's purpose in the game.


The game is awesome! You, developers, are awesome! Thank you, Brian, for calling me a big brain in the game XD 5/5 Can't wait for the full version!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Did you do all the art and coding by yourself?, it's really good

I did! I do everything myself. And thank you! :D

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I'm hard on indie horror since so much of it is badly executed but I see potential here and I'm glad you got your funding! The only major issue I had was clicking on items. It was inconsistent and sometimes didn't seem to register, but I know it takes time to polish things. Also, I played a second time and the buried fire box didn't appear. Regardless, great job on what you've got so far and good luck with the finished product!

Easily one of the most promising horror games I've played. (I've played...a LOT) I don't think I've ever backed a game on Kickstarter so fast...actually I don't think I've ever backed one before! This game is creative and delightfully sinister! Absolutely cannot wait for it!

Thank you so very much! This means a ton. :D

Loved it. Shit myself. 10/10


This is such a good start to the game! Can't wait for the full game!

Thank you so much!

Trapped. 4 Hours to escape! Well, that seems like plenty of time. Find the tools - figure out the codes - hack the computer... can YOU DO IT without being caught?? Experience a taste of Darkstone Digital's creative game play mechanics when you least expect them. There's a lot of potential here and I'm excited for future development!

Thanks for the demo. I'm intrigued. Looking forward to playing the full game. I wasn't expecting the horror element as I went in completely blind. Very weird. :)

I see lots of potential!

Really Cool and Really Scary!!

The game is coming together very well Brian, it even scared me at the end of the demo.

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Nice game man! 

Can't wait for the full release! https://youtu.be/AsJGn3FBicc

Same! :D

Clever of you to put the key in a place that would require me to not look at the puppies.

Also, when does the OnlyFans go live?

OH well https://onlyfans.com/desperate_dev

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