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THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!!! I would really appreciate if you guys checked out my vid! THANKS!

Thank you so much! Fun to watch even though you doxed yourself :P

how did i dox myself lol

Was just referencing you using your real name at the start of the vid :P

oh I know lol

Originally noticed you as a dev of the Mortuary Assistant, which I thought was extremely well done and this demo really blew me away. I expected it to be quality (like MA) but this feels great to play and the puzzles were difficult but not too difficult. A very solid vertical slice, can't wait for the full game to see what the overall story is.

Thank you so much! I’m Having a lot of fun making this one.

LOOOOOVED IT! I can not wait for the full game! :D Great work!

Thank you so much for playing!

Loved the demo. Can't wait for the full game. Great work as always. :)

Thank you!

I have a problem, any solution to this? I open the game and it stays on the black screen and I can only see the game cursor and when I click this I get it and it always happens to me and I can't play HELP PLEASE I WANT TO PLAY IT !!

What are your system specs?

 Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2808  @ 1.58GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 12

Ah ok same person. I’ll just reply to the Mortuary Assistant thread we have going over there but I believe this may be video card related. Not certain though.

i looovvveeeddd this demo , supported your kickstarter aswel 

great job  darkstone digital

here is my gamevideo :


You’re awesome! Thank you very much!

DarkStone Digital, you've done it again. I really love the concept for this game. My video is a little long because I left in some of the major bugs and comments that I had. I hope it's helpful. I look forward to seeing more of this game in the future. 

It’s always helpful! Thank you so much!

No Problem man! I cant wait to see where you go with this!

Looking forward to the full game! Will be continuing this demo in the meantime. 

Do the spray cans mean anything, why are they interactive?

Same reason the remote is interactive.

This game really threw me off a the end! Looking forward for the full game

Awesome! Thank you for playing!

i gave it another go since my recording messed up on the first one. Brian you handsome devil, hopefully this goes fully out cause you got me hyped.

Thank you for playing!

Really,really Nice!

Thank you so much!


great game i hope it gets a lot of attention, i hope we get a full release! sorry for repost i noticed a bad editing error and had to redo everything. anyways keep up the amazing work amigo


No worries! Thank you again for playing and putting in the work to make a video!

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This was fantastic! I'm definitely  looking forward to the full game. I also managed to unlock the computer haha. Well done dude!

Thank you so much for playing!

Graphics are great, whoever did the voices are really good (I didn't notice any names, if I missed them I am so sorry.) There is a lot of attention to everything, I really like the Easter Egg to 'The Subject' and the 'Thank you' note from the dev. The puzzles were great, and even though I had trouble figuring them out it was because I'm not too bright. Excited to see more, good luck! 

I appreciate it a ton! Thank you for playing. I’m excited to get this one finished!

Disturbing and chilling - I can't wait to see the game once it's completed. Great demo!

Thank you so much!

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Hey Brian I played this game and I loved it! I played your game on my channel and I can't wait to see your full games come out.

I hope its cool that I put a link in here, if not ill take the link down.

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Hey share anywhere you can I love it! I’m even gonna tweet it right now and you can’t stop me! Thank you for playing!

Thats awesome! Nah I don't mind it at all.  Much appreciate it!! Can't wait for the full game

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Some folks haven’t noticed that you can press L ctrl to toggle standing so I’ve added a little control sheet to the page here and I’ll post it here too just in case. The prompt system designed to show the player controls as you learn hasn’t been made yet as I want it to reflect new key bindings so the full version will have prompts in game just not the demo. Thanks!

The 2nd game I played by this develoepr and they don't dissapoint very good work.

Thank you so much for playing my games!

Deleted 67 days ago

Thank you!

Can't wait for the full game.  Do you have a date yet?  I see on Steam it says Summer 2020.  Btw puzzles were challenging enough but I don't understand why so many people had such a hard time unlocking the computer x) Cheers!

I’m aiming for June but obviously that will depend on a few factors like the Kickstarter success and simply if it is polished enough to be ready.

Great I'll keep an eye out;)

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BRIAN! My brain hurts, but I (finally) got the PC unlocked... after 2ish hours.

This was an amazing demo - incredibly put-together, clean character models, unsettlingly silent atmosphere; the list goes on and on. This has more character, plot and detail than 'full' games that charge $3-8. Best of luck on the rest of the development. 


-MikeCP (ech0)


Thank you so much and thank you for playing!

I love this game so much it really is fun to play and has a sort of creepiness effect to it which I really like. I enjoyed this game so much that I decided to make a video on it for the creator to view a players reaction and put comedy in it for laughs.

Thank you!

I found this Demo quite interesting! Very ominous and I enjoyed every second of playing. *SPOILERS* The only thing I thought worth mentioning was how the Code (1,2,3,4) was laid out in the Yellow Folder, By this I mean that the diagram was a little small and at first I didn't notice it so maybe it could do with being a little bit more noticeable. Maybe it's just me? Anyway, Brian thank you for this experience!   

Thank you so much for playing! Yeah, it’s a find line between a hint hidden away and just giving you the answer but I think there is some wiggle room there for sure. Thank you again!

I loved the game! Can’t wait to see how it is at full release. I was stupid and locked myself out of the computer lol. But NOT gonna do that again when I play it next XD

I’ve only seen a few people get the entire intended loop for the computer. You CAN force it but you aren’t alone:D Thank you for playing!

i am sure i missed some bits :

You got a lot! Thank you so much for playing!

i will go back and find missed bits. The story of this and the mortuary's assistant has so much potential. (fan girl alert)

I’m excited for them too! I like the various endings I have for OSB and I have some neat thoughts cooking for a full version of The Mortuary Assistant.

Playing this awesome game right now : 

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Thank you so much! Was fun to watch!

This game  was a phenomenal experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I love the Thriller and psychological factors that are occurring with the character or is drug induced or  supernatural. So many questions come to mind. I can't to play more.

Truly amazing work! I cannot wait to see more of this! Honestly got invested into the story pretty quickly, can't wait to discover more! Also if you need any voice acting I'd be down! 

That’s awesome to hear! I can’t wait to finish this one out.

If you need a voice actor let me know :) 

Thank you for playing! I dont need more voice actors currently but will let you know! I may need a new one if the Kickstarter makes it!

Need to reupload the video sorry

Finally got a chance to give this a go! Loved the little clip at the end too (I HAD TO keep your 'advertising' part up there because it was so silly). This is going to be amazing at full blast!

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Thank you so much for playing! Also than you for showing the video at the end! I wasn’t sure how I felt about having it there but that’s why I gave the option to stop it hehe

It was silly, I really liked the video. I was going to say that you should definitely put that up on YouTube, realized you probably would've thought of that already, and found your channel. Good stuff! Keep it up! I'm definitely a fan now!

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A great demo! It would be nice to have subtitles but the voice clarity was great for a deaf guy to hear.

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Subtitles will be in the full version! I also plan to go over some potential visual information during game play for deaf players. Thank you for playing!

Thats awesome to hear! I can't wait for the full release!

Had fun giving your game a try!  

Thank you for playing!

I loved it one of the best recent indie horror games I have played can't wait till it is done. 

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Thanks so much for playing! I’m glad you liked it!


Thank you so much! Excited for the full version in a handful of months here.

hi, big thx for the great amazing demo. wow. greetings from rosti

Thank you for playing!

This was great. It sets an interesting story, with some weirdness going on, but theres a ton of secrets that I wasn't able to find an answer for. Looking forward to more being revealed.

What the heck is DarkStart Love!?

Awesome! Thank you so much! You didn’t try the computer?

I did, it didn't work as a password

hmmm may want to try again. I’d be very surprised.

Looking good so far! Impressive work for just one person!


Thanks a ton! Glad to see you enjoying my stuff! :D

Everything about this demo was extremely impressive. I can tell you have experience making triple A games. You have incredibly high potential as an indie developer and I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work, and i'll defiantly be around for the next game!

I really appreciate that. Thank you for playing! If you haven’t tried it, I also have The Mortuary Assistant prototype here on itch which you might like.

This developer was born to create and deliver these amazing games. I really hope he continues to do what he loves, because it definitely

shows in his work. 10/10

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Thank you so much! Loved the video. Your reading was on point.

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